About DNR

Marc and Donnie - 2001

DNR was founded by Don Gamsjager, an experienced and dedicated sound and video technician whose professional experience started at the age of ten, installing the sound system at Quassy Amusement park in Middlebury, Connecticut.  Don’s passion for audio, video, and data became his life’s work when he founded DNR in 2001.

Since then, the company has grown from a small team of employees to a full crew of twelve, including field technicians, licensed E-1 electricians, full time project managers, and consulting engineers. The client base has grown from a small handful of local businesses to over a thousand clients in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and southern New York.  

We look forward to sharing our years of experience with many more businesses, both large and small, and guarantee only the best and most personal service!
— - Don Gamsjager