BTX ProBlox-D® Makes the Grade for Connecticut's Regional School District Number 14

BTX Technologies, a value-added distributor and manufacturer of interface, integration, and system products, today announced that its ProBlox-D® all-in-one connector system is being utilized by Regional School District Number 14 in Woodbury, Conn., in a new meeting room for its Board of Education. Located in the library of Nonnewaug High School, two ProBlox-D systems enable quick and simple setup of the space's mobile video production system. DNR Integrated Systems based in Oakville, Conn., designed the mobile system — operated exclusively by high school students — to broadcast Board of Education meetings on public access television.

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Da-Cappo Gear Proves Good Fit for Chicago's Large Cast

NEW BRITAIN, CT — For the production ofChicago, staged earlier this year at Central Connecticut State University, DNR Productions owner Don Gamsjager chose Micro Microphones from Da-Cappo, distributed by Hosa Technology. 

Gamsjager said the gear proved a good fit with the “large, varied cast,” noting the need for miniature microphones that were “durable” and comfortable enough to avoid being a distraction to children and adults in the cast. 

“We were very fortunate to have several prominent area organizations funding the endeavor, and one of their primary goals was to provide top-notch sound quality,” Gamsjager said. “We were given a sizeable budget to work with and were instructed to make the issue of microphones a high priority.”


Gamsjager purchased 25 Da-Cappo DA12 Earset Micro Microphones and five of Da-Cappo’s unique DA11 (The ‘Stick’) microphones. The DA12 could be easily fitted to both children and adults. Similarly, the DA11 can be bent to fit many theater applications such as hiding in wardrobe or even wigs.

The show, staged at Central Connecticut State University’s Welte Hall, had two weeks of intensive rehearsals prior to opening night. 

“These microphones were used extensively during this period,” noted Gamsjager, “and throughout the entire time, we didn’t encounter a single issue with any of them. The build quality of the Da-Cappo mics is excellent, their sound quality and durability is exceptional, and unlike many similar products, the DA12 is comfortable for long periods of time.”

The Da-Cappo DA12 Earset Micro Microphone is available in two sensitivity levels: -35 dB and -45 dB. The -45 dB model is best suited for those applications where extra headroom is required and was the model selected by Gamsjager. 

“Chicago has several live gunshots that occur during the show,” said Gamsjager, “so the extra headroom available with the -45 dB version proved very handy. We still had to be careful to pull the volume fader back a bit, but not once did these mics distort with the high SPL levels of the shots.”

“With all these mics, we came right in on budget, everybody was miked appropriately, and the sound quality was superb,” Gamsjager said, adding that the University’s theater staff was “very pleased, as were the cast.”