Don Gamsjager

Lead Sales and Designer 


Don Gamsjager has been working with electronics since he was 5 years old. He was given his first soldering iron in first grade, and built the foundations for dnr well before attending the University of Hartford to study live sound reinforcement.  He has years of real world experience in system design and end user operation and has a history of unparalleled customer attention and care.


  • Infocomm CTS Designer 
  • ETCP - Theatrical Rigging
  • D&B Audiotechnik Certified
  • Corning Fiber Certified
  • Connecticut Certified Fire Fighter 1 and 2

Marc Polansky

Lead IT and Programmer 


Marc has been learning through hands-on work from the age of two, experimenting and developing skills and knowledge.  Hailing from Bethlehem, Connecticut Marc hopes to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering in the future to further hone his many talents. Marc has watched DNR grow from a backyard sound business to a full fledged systems integration giant, and is proud to be employed by a company that he says 'pays incredible attention to detail on jobs big and small, does them the right way, and makes it all look great.'

Certifications and Licenses:

  • Cisco Certified
  • Crestron DM Certified
  • Tight Rope Media System Certified

Ian Sieller

Lead Technician


Ian comes from Watertown, Connecticut and attended the University of Connecticut for Computer Science and Business Management. Ian also attended Porter and Chester Institute for their Low Voltage Electrical program.  Ian works on and offsite with teams to design and install turn-key systems. Ian carries over eight years of experience deploying cutting edge audio, video, network, and control systems in residential and commercial environments.  Ian has been with DNR since it's very beginnings and hopes to continue to help uphold it's extremely high standards for quality systems.


  • C-6 Limited Electrical Journey Person
  • Crestron Basic Programming Certified
  • Cisco Certified
  • D&B Audiotechnik Certified