Voice / Data




Voice & Data Cabling is the backbone of any network, yet is often taken for granted. 



It may seem simplistic, but the right cable network can make a world of difference and help you get the most of your hardware and software applications. It’s the key to having a system infrastructure that performs well, is efficient, and is scalable. dnr labs specializes in designing structured cable layouts that meets or exceeds industry standards.  Whether you need to replace, improve, or expand a cable network, dnr labs can assist with design and implementation. 


Data Switching and Cabling – complete Cat5 to Cat7 Cabling solutions for all commercial spaces, complete switch, router and core network hardware design and configuration

Fiber Transmission and routing – installation/pulling of cable, termination, fiber fusion and complete testing – all fiber work is done in house

Phone and Communication Systems – NEC DSX Phone systems, NEC SV8800 Systems, Panasonic TDA Systems and Intercoms System boxes

***dnr labs internally manned network operation center (NOC) is 24/7 emergency support for all systems. The NOC is manned from 7am to 8pm and has 2 on-call technicians for after hours support (24/7/365)***